Mechatronics Education Community Update

Hello Mechatronics Education Community,

Another month has passed, and here is a quick summary of what has happened in our community:

First of all, we have successfully launched the Mechatronics Education Innovation Webinar Series with the first live broadcast. In the inaugural webinar, our guest presenter, Dr. Vikram Kapila, talked about the NYU Tandon's Mechatronics program, and highlighted recent research developments in his Mechatronics, Controls and Robotics Lab. Thanks again to Dr. Kapila for his time and sharing the information with the community!

If you missed the live event, the recording and the pdf version of the presentation are now available in the Forum's Repository (Repository --> All Content --> WEBINARS: Mechatronics Education Innovation). You can also watch the recording on the Mechatronics Education Community's blog.

Our next webinar is scheduled for October 23, 2.30 pm EDT. Our guest presenter, Dr. William Melek, Professor and Director Of Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo, will talk about the undergraduate mechatronics education and research projects at his institution. You will receive an email with more details and a link to the registration site next week.

On top of the webinar recording, more new materials were added to the community's library of shared resources, including:

  • Description of the bachelor's degree program in Engineering with Mechatronics Specialization at the Colorado State University-Pueblo, and other mechatronics undergraduate programs (visit the Forum's Repository and browse the Curricula and Syllabi's Bachelor's Degree Programs folder)
  • Adaptation of a Teaching Laboratory of Mechatronics Area for an Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Program, and other research papers (visit the Forum's Repository and check the Featured folder for Conference and Journal Papers on Mechatronics Programs and Projects)

Thanks to Dr. Jaksic from the Colorado State University-Pueblo, and others who sent us these materials. To share your mechatronics curriculum or syllabus, ideas for student projects, research paper, or other materials, email us at

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We are looking forward to seeing you on the Mechatronics Education Community often!

Nima Lotfi, Ph.D.
Mechatronics Education Community Co-Founder
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Zuzana Fabusova
Mechatronics Education Community Coordinator