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Bachelor of Engineering - Mechatronics Engineering
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Developed in consultation with industry, the Mechatronics Engineering curriculum provides a solid grounding in the fundamentals of mathematics, computing and science, with significant content in engineering sciences and design. In addition to classroom lectures, students participate in tutorials, laboratories, computer simulations, field visits, independent research and design tasks, individual and group projects, as well as presentations to both technical and non-technical audiences.

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Mechatronics Education and Research at the University of Waterloo
Mechatronics Education Innovation Webinar Series

In the second webinar of the new series, Dr. Melek talked about the activities of the Engineering Clinic at the University of Waterloo, and how they support the undergraduate mechatronics education. He also highlighted the research projects from his lab, focused on autonomous and intelligent vehicles and human-machine interfacing in human-centric environments.

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Development of a Mechatronics Course Integrated With Lab
ASME 2017 Dynamic Systems and Control

This paper reports the development of an introductory mechatronics course in Mechanical Engineering (ME) undergraduate program at Georgia Southern University. This an updated version of an existing required course in the ABET accredited BSME program. The course covers three broad areas: mechatronic instrumentation, computer based data acquisition and analysis, and microcontroller programming and interfacing. This is a required 3-credit course in the ME program with updated computing application specific content reinforcing theoretical foundation with hands-on learning activities of the existing course. The course has four contact hours per week with two hours of lecture and two hours of interactive session of problem solving and laboratory experiment. For each topic covered, students get the theoretical background and the hands-on experience in the laboratory setting. Both formative and summative assessment of the students’ performance in the course are planned. Both direct and indirect forms of assessment are considered. The paper reports the details of the course materials.

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