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Bachelor of Science in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering - Mechatronics Concentration
Tennessee Technological University

Mechatronic engineering is a discipline that combines mechanics, electronics, controls and computing in the design of products and manufacturing processes. The TTU Mechatronics concentration prepares engineers that are familiar and competent with cutting-edge technology in both mechanical, electrical and computer engineering and are prepared to develop innovative products to address societal needs.

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Evolution and Growth of Mechatronics Technician A.S. Programs
Mechatronics Education Innovation Webinar Series

In the recent webinar, Dr. Marilyn Barger from the Florida Advanced Technological Education Center of Excellence (FLATE) and her colleagues talked about the rapidly growing number of associate level degree (AS) programs in Mechatronics across the United States in response to a nationwide need for mechatronics, automation, and robotics technicians. They highlighted the skills graduates of these programs gain to become fully qualified to install, operate, program, maintain, troubleshoot systems of electrical and mechanical automated (mechatronic) equipment. They also described how these programs are aligning their curriculum with several international, industry valued credentials and providing work-based learning experiences to best prepare the 2-year mechatronics technicians to be ready for work in the growing number of highly automated facilities across the country.

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Robotics as an Undergraduate Major: 10 Years' Experience
Gennert, M.A..; Putnam, C.B.

In 2007 Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) launched an undergraduate degree program in robotics. At that time, there were only a handful of universities worldwide offering undergraduate Robotics programs, none in the United States, although many universities included robotics within a discipline such as Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering. WPI took a decidedly different approach. We introduced Robotics as a multi-disciplinary engineering discipline to meet the needs of 21st century engineering. The curriculum, designed top-down, incorporates a number of best practices, including spiral curriculum, a unified set of core courses, multiple pathways, inclusion of social issues and entrepreneurship, an emphasis on project-based learning, and capstone design projects. This paper provides a brief synopsis, comparison with other approaches, and multi-year retrospective on the program. The curriculum has steadily evolved from the original to its current state, including changes in requirements, courses, hardware, software, labs, and projects. The guiding philosophy remains unchanged, however, providing continuity of purpose to the program. The program has been highly successful in meeting its desired outcomes, including: quantity and quality of enrolled students, ABET EAC accreditation, graduate placement in jobs and graduate school, and overall student learning. The program is assessed using several quantitative measures: enrollment, cohort survival within the program, course and project evaluations, and student placement success. Other, qualitative outcomes are also discussed: results from competitions, interaction with industry, accreditation, and external recognition. The paper concludes with a summary of lessons learned and recommendations for future actions to further robotics education.

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