Mechatronics Education Innovation Webinar Series

In our webinar series, we want to introduce the community to some of the well-established mechatronics programs, and discuss the challenges of institutions starting new mechatronics programs. We want to look at the ways to improve current mechatronics curricula considering the technological advancements in the past few decades, and share ideas for student projects.

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Watch the latest webinar Mechatronics Activities at the Dublin Institute of Technology: Now and into the Future with Dr. Nigel Kent.


Previous webinars:

Full versions of the previous webinars are available on the Mechatronics Education Community's Forum. Log in to your account and check the the Repository of shared materials (you must log in to access the Repository).

Mechatronics Education and Research at the University of Waterloo
with the guest presenter Dr. Wiliam Melek
October 2017

Mechatronics@NYU Tandon
with the guest presenter Dr. Vikram Kapila
September 2017

Upcoming webinars:

Robotics Engineering as an Undergraduate Major
with the guest presenter Dr. Michael Gennert, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Wednesday, February 28, 2 pm EST
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Mechatronics Education Workshops

See the highlights from some of the recent workshops focused on mechatronics education.


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